Ronson Penciliter 1935 and 1949

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Ronson Penciliter 1935 and 1949

Beitrag von Self Starting » 20 Nov 2020, 11:27

I used the search and didn't find a topic for the Ronson Penciliter - only EBO similar one, and a post with the 1934 Ronson patent.

I apologize if I missed the right thread, but yet I show here the two versions of the Ronson Penciliter, one prewar and one postwar.

The prewar one, I remember dated 1935 (it ties with the 1934 patent) looks more fragile and indeed is a bit more delicate in its working.

Old style mechanical pencil looks:
Penciliter 1935 1.jpg
Gear and bits are indeed tiny, you light it up with pushing the lateral lever:
Penciliter 1935 2.jpg
And here it is:
Penciliter 1935 5.jpg
After the war, a new version with concealed mechanism and design look was devised in 1949, if my memory serves.

Here are two examples, a Rhodium-plated in its case, and an enameled one.
Penciliter 1.jpg
1949 version apart:
Penciliter 4.jpg
... and lit up:
Penciliter 5.jpg
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