SWANK lighter Alfa Romeo Canguro

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SWANK lighter Alfa Romeo Canguro

Beitrag von Self Starting » 18 Nov 2020, 19:16

As explained in my personal introduction, I chose as first topic here the intersection between my lighter and my Alfa Romeo miniature themes, which is not the oldest, rarest or most interesting of my lighters but something more personal.

It's a Japan made table lighter made by Swank in the second half of the sixties. It is very well crafted w.r.t. the car it represents. Size: 16cm long, about 1/25 scale for the car. I know of a Jaguar E-Type in the same range.

The Alfa Romeo Canguro was a one-off designed by Bertone in 1964. It inspired pretty much the Japanese as there are many period reproductions of that car from Japan.
SWANK canguro 3.jpg
SWANK canguro 6.jpg
It's actuated by pressing the registration plate at the rear. There it should have a "swank" sticker, missing.
SWANK canguro 4.jpg
SWANK canguro 7.jpg
Bottom side:
SWANK canguro 8.jpg
... and lit up! 8-)
SWANK canguro 1.jpg
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